is a wellness studio just for woman - of any life stage or any age.

As women we journey through a continuum of life stages: PREGNANCY, MOTHERHOOD and MENOPAUSE – each life stage is a celebration of womanhood, bringing a variety of changes to our mind and body.

Using non-impact, controlled movements our classes will address the needs and changes of each individual life stage and also:

increase muscle and core strength;
improve posture, alignment and flexibility;
increase energy and stamina to ensure overall wellness

A unique combination of PILATES, the BALLET BARRE and CORE BALL are the main elements of our classes and offer a holistic and feminine approach to movement and exercise.

We aim to create balance, strength and a feeling of inner grace in the mind, body and spirit of every women.

Our classes are internationally accredited and specialized for:
Pregnancy, Post-baby, Women, Menopause & beyond

Baby Builders and CPR classes are also offered for moms at the studio

‘The Place for Women’ is the first studio of its kind in South Africa

"Women are the centre of their homes, the core and heart of every family and finding time for themselves is vital to a balanced and whole lifestyle" Donah (owner)