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The Wellness Blog for Women was created by Donah Rosser:  A movement specialist, pilates instructor, tea lover, mom of boys, holistic whole food believer & passionate health educator.

Donah’s journey in the wellness industry started over 20 years ago with her undergraduate degree in Movement Science at the University of Port Elizabeth in South Africa.  She then moved across the globe and continued her studies and worked in the USA- Boston & Vermont, to the UK, Spain and France where she was privileged to work alongside great mentor’s and specialists in the field of Women’s Health.

Since moving back to South Africa she has opened up her own studio called “The Place for Women” which was created with all women in mind and offers pilates, ballet & wellness to women of all ages.

Donah is the only internationally accredited practitioner in Women’s Health with Carolyn Anthony practicing in South Africa.

Her love of whole body health; from green juices and super-food smoothies, movement and everything else it takes to live well is what inspired her to start her blog.

She believes that living well & being healthy does not have to be all or nothing, and it certainly does not have to be perfect or boring.  

She hopes that this blog will inspire every women that reads it and that as women we will learn to believe that we matter and that we will enjoy our life’s journey of self discovery, health and wellness.


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