Our method in every class blends the strength you get from pilates with the grace of the ballet barre and efficiency of the core ball.

Our classes create a holistic approach to movement and exercise with a strong emphasis on correct posture, core strength and proper alignment. We work to strengthen and lengthen your muscles to form perfect balance in your body.


All Women Class

Stretch and Tone Class

Pregnancy Class

Post-baby Class

All our classes aim to create Balance, Strength and a feeling of Inner Grace in the body, mind and life of every woman

Our All Women classes have been designed for all life stages and ages of women. The classes aim to realign, rehabilitate and restore balance and strength in the entire body.

The combination of the Ballet Barre, Pilates and a Specialised Flexibility Program improves posture, increases flexibility and enhances core and body strength.

Classes are 60 minutes in length and offer a series of precise and non-impact exercises designed to improve the overall health of your body.

Additional benefits include:

strengthening your abdominal muscles
boosts circulation and helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage
realigning the pelvis and strengthen pelvic floor muscles
diastasis recti rehabilitation (abdominal muscle separation)
provide you with awareness and strength necessary to avoid favoring one side of the body
transform the body to one of equal balance, strength and flexibility.

Our Stretch and Tone class is more gentle and slower in pace than our All Women classes but equally challenging. Our focus is on increasing flexibility and toning and emphasis is placed on basic alignment and actions to balance the entire body.

Classes are specialised for women that have not exercised for a while, post menopausal, first trimester pregnancy or want a class that is slower in nature

Our combination of Pilates with the Ballet Barre improves posture and body alignment and is designed to build strength, increase balance and restore flexibility.

These classes are 60 minutes, are conducted in a relaxed, comfortable environment and focus on:

strengthening exercises to increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis
cardiovascular work for hormone balance and weight management
stretching for joint stiffness and long-term flexibility
breathing and relaxation to reduce stress and calm the mind.

Our pregnancy classes offer you a non-impact, controlled series of exercises that combine pregnancy pilates, stretching, breathing and relaxation. The classes are 100% safe for mom and baby and will help mother’s to be stay connected to their changing body, improve their posture and reduce pregnancy aches and pains.

The pregnancy classes offer a safe and gentle way to keep your abdominals, pelvic floor and back muscles strengthened during pregnancy and birth.

The combination of Pilates with the Ballet Barre offers postural support and a graceful form of exercise during pregnancy. The birthing ball and bands are also used and offer full support to the pregnant body.


reduces or eliminates pregnancy related discomforts – backache, leg cramping, water retention, fatigue, bad posture and general decreased strength and endurance
increases energy
reduces unnecessary fat weight gain
improves the supply of glucose and oxygen to your baby
increases chances of a shorter, less painful labour
improved rate of post birth recovery
wonderful opportunity to meet other pregnant moms and form lifelong friendships.

All our classes conform to the latest International Obstetrics and Gynaecological guidelines.

Our Post-baby classes focus on rehabilitating the body as it has gone through a tremendous amount of change in a very short space of time.

No matter how fit a woman is going into birth, every recovery is different. We believe our post-baby program should be based more on the type of delivery (natural or c-section) rather than on the pregnancy itself. Listening to what we call “the birth story” lets us understand what the body has been through and how to go about rehabilitating it.

The combination of the Ballet Barre, Pilates and our unique Core Ball will help new moms improve their posture, increase flexibility and enhance core and body strength.

Classes begin from 6 weeks after the birth and continue until you feel ready to join the ALL WOMEN classes. Moms are also welcome to bring their babies with them to class.

Benefits include:

recovering the strength and stability in the body
rehabilitating and realigning the body
realigning the pelvis and strengthen pelvic floor muscles
re-knitting the abdominal muscles from separating during pregnancy (diastisis recti)
socializing with other new moms will help with depression and feeling alone.