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I have worked in the Women’s Wellness industry for over 15 years. My experience first began when I attained my Bachelors degree in Movement Science and continued over the next 9 years when I trained and worked with the International Pilates Institute, KX Wellness and The Life Centre in London as well as The Centre of Women’s fitness with Carolyne Anthony in America.

I have had the joy and immense benefit of working alongside great mentor’s and specialists in the field of Women’s Wellness and Health; from doctors, physiotherapists, movement specialists and much must be said of the many moms and women that have taught and inspired me the most.

You will be benefiting from all these wonderful people as you follow the programme designed for all life stages, from Pregnancy, Post-baby, All Women and Menopause.

The Barre Concept has been in America and London for years and it blends Pilates with the Ballet Barre and Core Ball – when I tried my first class I fell in love with it immediately as it made me work muscles that I knew all women love to work – their bottom, tummy and arms!

Being a mother, wife and step mom to a house full of boys adds to my love of working with women.

It is my personal passion to create a place that embraces all women – a third place after home and work where you can feel balanced in your mind, body and ultimately in your life.

Women are the centre of their homes, the core and heart of every family and finding time for themselves is vital to a balanced and whole lifestyle.

Whether you are pregnant, just had a baby, going through fertility or entering menopause – our bodies have to go through so much and as women and we need each other and a place where we can feel supported.

My centre, called ‘The Place for women’ is the culmination of my journey to offer women a place that offers you all of this.

I love every minute of my work and the changes I see in the lives of women that attend the classes.

I hope that you will too and will join me on this life changing journey.



Angela has been part of the studio teaching classes for pre & postnatal women and I am so excited that she is part of the growth of the studio offering classes for all women. Angela is trained to teach most forms of aerobic, body conditioning and yoga classes and her main aim is to ensure that you leave feeling energised, motivated and positive… “it’s all about the experience”.

Ang is also a massage therapist and therapeutic reflexologist specialising in treating pregnant women and athletes. She has two daughters (Daniella 7 and Gabriella 4) who are the light and love of her life.

Jo is a talented and wonderful photographer that was so kind in helping us capture the most amazing photo’s of the studio and the women that attend the classes. Jo is a family lifestyle photographer. As a mother, she understands and values the special moments that depict childhood, family and love. Joeline aims to capture life's special moments and memories that embody and evoke emotion upon looking at a photograph. Joeline attained her masters degree in special education while living in the USA and returned to South Africa when she married her husband. Together they have two happy children. It was watching her children grow that made her dedicated to capturing each special moment through her love of photography. As her children grew, so did her passion and knowledge for photography. Today Joeline loves to photograph newborns, babies, children, pregnant mothers and families.
Cell: 076 046 3295 or joelineconnellan@hotmail.com


Our studio also offers:


Baby Builders is an internationally accredited baby stimulation and development classes for babies from 4 weeks to 1 years old.

Classes are run by Lauren Staples and Donah Rosser and vary each week – focusing on all milestones through tummy time, rolling, play stimulation, movement to music, baby building exercises and baby massage.

Each week moms get together with their little ones and so much is learnt and enjoyed together.

Age groups:
Cuddle babes - 4 weeks – 3months
Lap babies - 4 – 6 months
Creepy crawlies - 6 – 9 months
Toddling tots - 9 – 12 months

Please contact Lauren Staples on 083 859 8766 or babybuilders@tiscali.co.za for more information


The CPR & first aid course is specifically designed for the family – moms, dads, grandparents and nannies and focuses on emergencies that can happen in the home and to family members